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Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bamboo Scheme has been started by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji, as you know, to prevent plastic in India, the government has also stopped plastic, but people need it Due to which plastic is still being used, the government has solved this problem by bringing the National Bamboo Scheme. Bamboo is a great way to reduce the use of plastic or to eliminate the use of plastic completely. Bamboo can make a lot of materials that can be used in place of plastic materials.

Under the Pradhan Mantri National Bamboo Scheme, the government will encourage the planting of bamboo and as financial assistance of ₹ 120 per plant will be given to the bamboo cultivators. The scheme has been named the National Bambu Mission.

Under this scheme, the government will provide a grant of ₹ 120 to farmers for planting a bamboo plant, if a person wants to do business, then the government has also made a subsidy grant. The main objective of this scheme is to reduce the use of plastics or to completely discontinue single-use plastics.

Note: – the Bamboo bottle has also been launched by Khadi Gramodyog Commission i.e. you can understand that it has become just a natural source that we can make many substances where we use plastic but also from bamboo Work can be done.


Now if you want to take benefit under the National Bamboo Mission run by the Government of India or want to join the National Bamboo Mission, then we are also going to give you information about it. If you want to join this mission and start a good business setup, then this mission can be very good for you people, because this is the only way that the use of plastic can be reduced and its Due to this, the use of plastic can also be completely eliminated.

Excess use of plastic is harmful to our environment. The government is giving a lot of boost to bamboo cultivation and its business under the National Bamboo Mission.

An officer has been posted in each district to promote bamboo cultivation and business by the government. The Bambu Mission is assigned to the Department of Agriculture, Forest and Industry.


✅ You, people, know very well how much bamboo is used in our daily life, if you are billed from the countryside, then you will be well aware of it.
✅ Nowadays water bottles are also being made by bamboo, very good furniture is also being made by bamboo, handicraft items are also being made using bamboo, and items like jewelery etc. are also being made using it. Huh.
✅ And to reduce the use of plastic or to eliminate the use of plastic, the use of these things made by bamboo is also increasing. People have started liking it, in such a way, it is a benefit for you to join the National Bamboo Mission May deal with. At present, bamboo is being cultivated most in China and Vietnam, but with the arrival of the National Bamboo Mission of the Government of India, bamboo cultivation in India will increase very much in the coming times, much of bamboo by China and Vietnam. ✅ All such products are made and sold in many countries.

Prime Minister,National Bamboo Mission Apply


Under the National Bamboo Mission, there has been a provision to subsidize the farmers in different ways.

✅ According to a figure under the National Bamboo Mission, an average cost of ₹ 240 per plant in 3 years will be under which ₹ 120 per plant will be given by the government as subsidy to the farmers.

✅ For the cultivation of bamboo in areas other than North East, the government will pay 50 percent and the farmer will have to pay 50 percent.

✅ Nodal officer has been created in every district under the Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bamboo Mission. You can get more information related to the scheme from your nodal officer as well.

✅ The 50 percent subsidy will be given to the farmers, out of which 60 percent subsidy will be given by the central government and 40 percent will be subsidized by the state government. National Bamboo Mission Apply While for North East areas this amount will be 60% government and 40% farmer

✅ 60 Of the 60 percent subsidy that will be given to the farmers of North East, 90 percent will be paid by the Central Government and 10 percent will be paid by the State Government.


✅ As such, by now you will have come to know how much demand for bamboo is going to be in the coming time, so you have a good chance of earning in it. If we talk about, about 15 to 2500 bamboo plants can be planted in one hectare, the distance between one plant and another has to be kept about 2.5 meters. According to this, about 1500 plants can be planted in one hectare. National Bamboo Mission Farmer  (This number can also be increased if the distance between plants is reduced).

✅ The distance between one plant to another is 2.5 meters. In this distance, you can grow other crops and can be earned from it. According to this, if you talk about profit, after 3 years, earning of 3 to 3.5 lakh rupees will be very easy and you can also earn from the additional plants that you have planted. The biggest thing in bamboo farming is that plantation does not have to be done every year because bamboo farming lasts for about 40 years.

Note: – If you also want to cultivate bamboo, then contact your nodal officer today and apply for it and start bamboo cultivation by getting a subsidy from the government.


Farmer Registration Under National Bamboo Mission

If you also want to register yourself under the Prime Minister’s National Bamboo Mission, then for this you have to follow the following procedure.

Registration Under National Bamboo Mission

◆ First of all you have to go to its official website , click here to go to the website .

◆ As soon as you go to the website, you will see a link to Farmer Registration at the top.

◆ You have to click on the link of Farmer Registration. As soon as you click, the registration page will open in front of you as shown below.

Bamboo Mission

◆ In the registration form, you have to enter your information, firstly choose your state, then select your district, and after selecting tehsil, you will have to select your village. National Bamboo Mission Farmer  Now you have to enter the financial year information, enter the name of the farmer and enter some information.

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◆ Enter your email ID, mobile number and category of the farmer and have to register and enter your PIN code.

◆ An option of Is Aadhaar card & Bank Account linked will be seen, if your bank account is linked with your Aadhaar card then you will fix it and submit it.

◆ After submitting the form, your registration has been done under National Bamboo Mission and you can also contact the concerned officer or nodal officer for more information.

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