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PICME Registration For Birth certificate @picme.tn.gov.in How to Register Tn Picme Know Rch Id Tamil Nadu Picme Registration Benefits & Status Track

Hello friends welcome to everyone in my blog in this blog I am going to inform you about Tamil Nadu (TN) PICME Registration for Birth Certificate the Government of Tamilnadu has launched a new scheme for all the pregnant women of Tamil Nadu PICME is a system that was initiated by the government of Tamilnadu to keep all the pregnant women Tamil Nadu pic registration for pregnant women is accessible on the official website and you may be done from the time a pregnancy is first suspected and till a birth certificate is evented for the child born of the pregnancy individuals who register for PICME are issued an RCH ID number that has 12 digits the PICME RCH ID that was ovented during TN pic registration is being used by the public health department in order to keep track of all elements of the pregnancy displaceable at this basis information on picme including its purpose on advantage it offers and addition to this we will also be consenting on the registration procedure and all the details of PICME registration I have been given in this article so if you want to apply for pic registration then you should read this article at the end.

picme tamil nadu birth certificate, picme registration TN ,Picme Rch Id

PICME Registration


the Tamilnadu government has a PICME system that tracks all pregnant women visible at https://picme.tn.gov.in/ from pregnancy until birth certificate there for the quickest register is true simply drop by the speed of primary healthcare centers and government and healthcare facilities these centers are available in any state or district so applicants don’t have to worry about the Applicant after they have arrived at the destination may get in touch with the local nurse in order to acquire their 12 digit registration code in the conclusion of application on this terrace is available to access applicants in uploading the information from the official program.

process of the process of venting birth certificate for any child want to a woman who is registered with the PICME is a straightforward one the pregnant woman will need to procedure the RCH ID once the baby is delivered in order to receive the birth certificate for any baby in a timely manner.

PICME Registration Highlights

🔥 Name of Scheme 🔥 PICME
🔥 Article about 🔥 PICME Registration
🔥 Launch by 🔥 Tamil Nadu State Govt.
🔥 Objectives 🔥 To Help Pregnant Ladies and track them
🔥 Beneficiaries 🔥 Citizens of Tamil Naidu
🔥 Application Mode  🔥 Online
🔥 Website 🔥 Click Here

PICME Registration Objectives

This baby face has been established by the government of Tamilnadu in fort to make things simpler for women who are pregnant their pregnancies women who are involved in this program will have their care maintained by local nurses this will help to protect both the mother and the child from potential dander and promote their overall health.

PICME Registration Benefits

  • The government will be able to monitor and track the needs and issues faced by pregnant women in the state with the use of the Online Pregnancy Registration Program.
  • Pregnant ladies can now contact neighborhood clinics, hospitals, and public health institutions
  • The safety and well-being of both the mother and the child will be ensured by the local nurses who will monitor expectant mothers registered under this program
  • The pregnant woman will gain additional advantages from PICME registration, including financial assistance and easier access to medical services.
  • A woman who enrolls in the PICME program is given an RCH ID (Reproductive and Child Health ID).
  • In Tennessee, obtaining a birth certificate now requires an RCH ID. As a result, procuring a birth certificate is made simpler by PICME registration.
  • The PICME website monitors the infant and maternal mortality rates in Tennessee.
  • If a person didn’t enroll in the program when they first became pregnant, they might do so after the baby was delivered. The second child can be delivered using the same method as the first.

Tamil Nadu PICME Registration eligibility

the following points are needed to be eligible under the schemes.

  • The Applicant Who Want to apply for this they are must be a pregnant woman.
  • applicants must be residents of Tamilnadu state.

PICME registration documents

documents for the scheme are listed given below:

  • Aadhar card
  • ration card
  • voter ID
  • marriage certificate
  • valid passport
  • driving license
  • health insurance card from the chief minister comprehensive scheme
  • bank passbook
  • job card of the manager

PICME Registration official procedures

the pre-registration of pregnancy may be performed in a number of different ways all of which are acceptable and listed below:

  • self-registration may be completed online by the mother has self buy navigating to the following website, https://PICME.tn.gov.in/PICME public and engineering formation appropriate fails online depreciation after completing the steps after lived above you will get the acknowledgment along with your pre-registration id.
  • Through e-Seva Centres: By Way of the e-Seva Centers The expecting woman may pre-register her pregnancy at no cost by going to the e-Seva center that is located closest to her home.
  • Through Call Centre (102): By Utilizing the Call Center Pre-registration may be completed over the phone by calling the toll-free number “102.”
  • Through Government Hospitals: Through the Public Health System of the Government The expecting woman may pre-register at the government hospital that is geographically closest to her.

PICME registration online

  • first of all you have to go to the official website of PICME then the homepage will be load in your computer screen.
    picme tamil nadu birth certificate, picme registration TN ,Picme Rch Id
  • then you have to find the tab labeled registration by the public on the right side of the skin and you have to select it with your mouse and the answer may be found on the homepage.
  • then feel in your pic number which you should be obtained from the CSC facility that is closest to you.
  • then you have to choose the specifics of your location such as the propriet district then input your pin code.
  • gents dual appointment to see your local village health nurse at a convenient time.
  • you have to field your contact information then you have to click on generate OTP option.
  • then you have to enter the one-time password that how was sent to your registered mobile number then click on the button save.
  • the registration procedure is finished after the steps that I have been given.
  • and you will be assigned an RCH ID of 12 digits.
  • then make use of this to create a username and password for your account.


  • checks out the web page for PICME

picme tamil nadu birth certificate, picme registration TN ,Picme Rch Id

  • there will be a new page that appears.
  • then you have to log in and click on the login option.
  • following the entry of your username and password you will be promoted to enter the captcha code.
  • and you will be successfully logged in.

PICME Registration Status Check

  • if you want to check your status then you have to go to the official website of PICME website which is officially recognized.
  • to pre register as a member of the public use the appropriate link on the web page.
  • then you have to choose the option pre registration by public from the menu.
  • there will be a new page open in your screen.
    picme tamil nadu birth certificate, picme registration TN ,Picme Rch Id
  • On this page, you have to pick the option to see the ID status of your pre-registration application.
  • inter 12-digit PICME number.
  • simply choose the submit number option.

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FAQs Related From PICME Registration

✔️ What is RCH ID in PICME?

RCH stands for Reproductive and Child Health. All Married/Pregnant Women in the age group of 15 to 49 will be issued an unique identification number (RCH ID), which can be used for any number of pregnancies. Who will give RCH ID? Only the Village Health Nurse / Urban Health Nurse can give RCH ID.

✔️ How do I check my PICME status?

Go to PICME Portal. …
Click on Application ID Status. …
Enter your Registration ID. …
Click ” Submit ” …
Your pre-registration ID Status will display on your screen.

✔️ How do I log into my PICME number?

Fill in your PICME number details as required.
Select the right District and enter your pin-code.
Then, select a suitable time to visit your Village Health Nurse.

✔️ What is user ID in PICME login?

As of 2022, the Government of Tamil Nadu provides both offline and online registration for PICME numbers. In both ways, a unique ID called RCH ID is given to the mother to ease the healthcare during pregnancy.

✔️ How can I get PICME number in Tamilnadu?

Please enter the url https://picme.tn.gov.in/picme_public in the address bar of any browser to see the following screen. Enter the pregnant mother’s name against Applicant Name. Type the name of the pregnant mother in Tamil using phonetic language.

✔️ Is PICME number Same for second baby?

It is mandatory for every pregnant woman to do registration under PICME at least after delivery if she is not aware of the same before. The same RCH ID can be used at the time of birth of woman’s second child too. RCH ID is assigned to every married woman – whether she is pregnant or not.

✔️ When was PICME launched?

Introduction: In 2008, PICME was developed by the National Informatics Centre for the Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, is now revamped as ‘PICME 2.0’ with new updated modules. PICME captures 11 lakhs of AN Mothers annually.

✔️ What is RCH package?

Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) programme is a comprehensive sector wide flagship programme, under the umbrella of the Government of India’s (GoI) National Health Mission (NHM), to deliver the RCH targets for reduction of maternal and infant mortality and total fertility rates.

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