CBSE Class 10th, 12th Exam Dates 2024: Download the Official Datesheet Now!

CBSE Exam Date 2024 :- The Central Board of Secondary Education recently had a meeting and posted a notice on their website,, about the CBSE Exam Date 2024. Here’s the scoop: The Class 10 exams are scheduled to kick off on February 15, 2024, and wrap up on April 10, 2024. Meanwhile, for all you Intermediate students in Arts, Science, and Commerce streams, the Class 12 exams will also start on February 15 and conclude on April 10, 2024. Both Practical and Theory Exams will happen following the CBSE Class 10th and 12th Time Table 2024. class 12 exam date 2024 So, all you students out there, it’s time to gear up for your studies because the exams are just a few months away. Don’t forget to visit to grab the CBSE Date Sheet 2024 and CBSE Exam Syllabus 2024 plan your studies accordingly cbse exam class 10. We’ve also got some tips to help you prep for these exams as per the CBSE Board Exam Date 2024 for Class 10th and 12th.

CBSE Exam Date 2024

CBSE Exam Date 2024


The CBSE has announced the 2024 exam dates for Class 10 and 12 students in New Delhi. The exams for Class 10 will begin on February 15, 2024, and conclude on April 10, 2024. It’s important for students to cover their syllabus and start revising for the exams to achieve good marks. Below, you can find the CBSE Time Table to help you plan your studies.

In Class 10, you’ll have practical exams for subjects like Science and Computer Science, while theory exams will be held for other major subjects. In Class 12, students will need to complete practical exams for various Science and Technical subjects before taking the theory exams according to the CBSE Class 12th Date Sheet 2024 PDF. You can download the CBSE Date Sheet 2024 PDF from in the coming days to organize your study schedule 2024 board exam date CBSE Exam Syllabus 2024. Until then, you can refer to the Subject Wise CBSE Board Exam Dates 2024 for both Class 10th and Class 12th.

key Highlights Of CBSE Exam Date 2024

📚 Board Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi
📝 Exam CBSE Board Exams 2024
🎓 Class 10th and 12th Class
🗓️ Session 2023-24
📖 Type of Exam CBSE Board Annual Examination 2023-24
📅 CBSE Class 10th Exam Date 2024 15 February to 10 April 2024
📝 Subjects in Class 10th Hindi, English, Science, Social Science, Computer Science, Physical Education & Other Subjects
🔍 CBSE Class 10 Practical Exam Date 2024 January-February 2024 (Before the Board Exams)
🏫 Conducted by School Administration
📅 CBSE Class 12th Exam Date 2024 15 February to 10 April 2024
📋 CBSE Class 12th Practical Exam Date 2024 Jan to Feb 2024
🎓 Streams Arts, Science, Commerce
📄 Paper Type Theory & Practical Examinations
📮 Type of Post Exam Date
🌐 CBSE Website

CBSE Class 10 Date Sheet 2024 Latest Updates

  • The CBSE Admit Card for 2024 will be coming out soon on the official website, While you wait, keep yourself informed about CBSE Class 10 and 12 Hall tickets and board exams 2024 board exam date class 12 exam date 2024 CBSE Exam Syllabus 2024.
  • As for the CBSE 10th Time Table in 2024, 2024 board exam date it hasn’t been published yet. We anticipate it will be available in December 2023 on the CBSE website. Remember, these dates are not final and might change. CBSE will provide the official time table in December 2023.

CBSE Class 10th Datesheet 2024 PDF Download

Subject CBSE Class 10th Exam Date 2024
🎨 Painting/Gurung/Rai/Tamang/Sherpa/Thai 15th February 2024
🛠️ Vocational Subject 17th February 2024
🎵 Music Subjects 19th February 2024
🌍 Foreign Language 22nd February 2024
🗺️ Regional Language 26th February 2024
📚 English Language and Literature 29th February 2024
📖 Punjabi/Sindhi/Malayalam/Odia/Assamese/Kannada 4th March 2024
🎖️ NCC 5th March 2024
🧪 Science 8th March 2024
🏠 Home Science 13th March 2024
🏢 Elements of Business 15th March 2024
🕉️ Sanskrit 18th March 2024
💻 Computer Applications, Information and Technology, Artificial Intelligence 20th March 2024
🌐 Social Science 26th March 2024
📜 Hindi Course A, Hindi Course B 31st March 2024
🧮 Mathematics Standard, Mathematics Basic 4th April 2024

CBSE Exam 2024 Time Table Announcement

The timetable for the 10th and 12th-grade exams scheduled for the year 2024 has been announced. Students who are going to participate in these exams should definitely check this timetable. It will tell you when your exams will start and how long they will last class 12 exam date 2024 CBSE Exam Syllabus 2024. This timetable also provides information related to the exams, including how to download the PDF version, which we will explain in our article.

When will be the class 10th and 12th exam?

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released the exam timetable for the year 2024. According to this timetable, the exams for class 10th and 12th will begin on February 15, 2024, and will continue until April 15, 2024. These exams will span approximately 55 days. Students appearing for these exams can download their admit cards from their schools or the official CBSE website starting from February 10, 2024. You can also find instructions on how to download the exam timetable in our article.

The Central Board of Secondary Education plans to hold the 10th-grade Board Exams in February, March, and April 2024. Students should get the CBSE Class 10th Date Sheet 2024 PDF from the official website to begin preparing. These exams will happen from February 15, 2024, to April 10, 2024, covering both Theory and Practical Exams class 12 exam date. CBSE Exam Syllabus 2024 It’s crucial to create a good study plan to get high marks and qualify for further studies in esteemed institutions. Each subject will have 100 marks worth of questions distributed among various sections with different mark values.

CBSE Class 12 Time Table 2024 Arts, Science, Commerce

  • CBSE Class 12 Time Table 2024 for Arts, Science, and Commerce has been talked about below. This will help you get ready.
  • As of now, the CBSE Exam Notice has been posted online after the meeting, and the exams will take place between February 15 and April 10, 2024.
  • To score well, you need to increase your study pace according to your CBSE Syllabus for each subject.
  • We have provided the subject-wise exam dates in this part for your reference.

Board Exams Twice a Year: What Does it Mean?

The 2023 National Curriculum Framework suggests that school boards should have two exams in a year instead of just one. This means students can take the test two times and keep the best result. The NCF thinks it will lessen stress on students and offer them a chance to do better.

The NCF suggests having board exams two times a year to reduce the effect of one bad day’s performance. This way, students can enhance their scores and show what they know and can do over a more extended time.

The NCF’s idea of having two exams per year is a way to make exams fairer for all students. It will also help reduce stress and worry about exams, letting students concentrate on learning instead of just passing tests.

CBSE Board Exam 2024 Class 10th, 12th

CBSE 10 12th Notification
Name of the Subject CBSE 12th Exam Date 2024
💼 Entrepreneurship 15th February 2024
🧪 Biotechnology, Engineering Graphics, Electronics Technology, Shorthand (English and Hindi), Food Nutrition & Dietetics, Library & Information Science 19th February 2024
💃 Kathak, Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Manipuri, Kathakali, Banking, Horticulture 21st February 2024
📜 Hindi Elective and Core 24th February 2024
🍽️ Food Production, Office Procedure and Practices, Design, Data Science 26th February 2024
👶 Early Childhood Care, Artificial Intelligence 29th February 2024
🎶 Hindustani Music Voc, Hindustani Music Mel Ins, Automotive, Healthcare, Cost Accounting 2nd March 2024
📝 English Elective and Core 4th March 2024
💆 Beauty & Wellness, Russian, Marketing 6th March 2024
🛒 Retail, Agriculture, Multimedia 9th March 2024
🧪 Chemistry 11th March 2024
🌏 Geography 15th March 2024
🧘 Yoga 18th March 2024
🎵 Hindustani Music Vocal 20th March 2024
🧲 Physics 21st March 2024
⚖️ Legal Studies 23rd March 2024
🌐 Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Sindhi, Marathi, Gujarati, Marathi, Manipuri, Malayalam, Odia, Assamese, Kannada, Arabic, Tibetan, French, German, Persian, Nepali, Limbo, Lepcha, Telugu Telangana, Bodo, Tangkhul, Japanese, Bhutia, Spanish, Kashmiri, Mizo, Sanskrit Core 25th March 2024
➕ Mathematics, Applied Mathematics 27th March 2024
🏋️ Physical Education 29th March 2024
👗 Fashion Studies 30th March 2024
🧬 Biology 30th March 2024
💰 Economics 1st April 2024
🎨 Painting, Graphics, Sculpture, Applied Art (Commercial Art) 2nd April 2024
📚 Political Science 4th April 2024
💻 Information Practices, Computer Science 5th April 2024
💼 Business Studies, Business Administration 7th April 2024
📜 History 8th April 2024
💹 Accountancy 9th April 2024
🏡 Home Science 11th April 2024
👥 Sociology 11th April 2024
🧠 Psychology 13th April 2024

As the CBSE Board Exams for Class 10th and 12th in 2024 are approaching, it’s essential for all students to plan how to get good marks. Firstly, finish your lessons and grasp the ideas so that you have enough time for reviewing. To achieve good marks in the CBSE Board Exams 2024 for Class 10th and 12th, the key is revising and practicing with sample test papers. There are about 6 months remaining before the final exams for the 2023-24 session. Ensure that you have your notes and all the required books to finish your studies and syllabus on time, which will help you secure good marks.

Procedure Download CBSE Date Sheet 2024 Class 10, 12 PDF : Instructions

  • Visit the official CBSE website at
  • Click on the ‘Examination’ link.
  • Look for the ‘Time Table’ section and choose your respective class, either 10th or 12th.
  • Wait for the PDF file to open, which will display the subject names and exam dates.
  • Download the PDF file to your device.
  • Take a printout for your reference and study schedule.
  • Start your preparations according to your study plan and aim for good marks to advance in your academic journey.”

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FAQ Questions Related CBSE Exam Date 2024

✔️ Has CBSE released date sheet 2024?

The CBSE board exams for 2024 are set to commence on February 15, with the registration deadline being August 30, 2024. The Controller of Examinations unveiled the Class 12 Board exam schedule on December 29, 2023.

✔️ When CBSE 10th exam 2024 will start?

The CBSE board exams for 2024 are scheduled to start on February 15, 2024, and will conclude on March 21, 2024. The detailed timetable is in PDF format on the official website,

✔️ Will there be CBSE boards in 2024?

The CBSE, which stands for Central Board of Secondary Education, has said that Class 10 and 12 exams in 2023-24 will start on February 15, 2024. This news came from a circular on the official CBSE website, shared by CBSE Exam Controller Sanyam Bhardwaj.

✔️ Is there board exam for 10th CBSE 2023 2024?

In 2023-24, CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) will hold exams for 10th and 12th grade students starting on February 15, 2024. These exams will go on for about 55 days and should finish around April 10, 2024.

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