Assam Ration Card List 2023: Check Your Name in the Latest List

Assam Ration Card List Check Online :- The government of Assam has recently introduced the Assam New Ration Card List. In this article, we will provide you with important information about the Assam ration card for the year 2023. assam ration card apply Additionally, we will guide you through a simple step-by-step process to check the Assam Ration Card List, which has been implemented by the Assam government. ration card beneficiary list Furthermore, we will discuss the features of the Assam ration card and highlight the benefits that the public can avail with the introduction of this new ration card.

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We know that you all want to get complete information about the ration cards, so today we will get you all the clear information about it in our article. Our article has explained that how you can apply for a ration card, status and download will also give complete information. ration card beneficiary list For more details stay with us till the end and read our article carefully. A ration card is a document that is useful for the residents of the state. Ration card provides proper food items to the poor people of the society.

With the help of ration cards in India, many poor people can take advantage of subsidized food. ration card beneficiary list Now, a nationalized ration card is also distributed to the citizens of India. assam ration card apply This Nationalized Ration Card can be helpful for you in getting food supply across the country. Overall, the ration card is the most important document for the citizens of India.

Key Highlights Of Assam Ration Card List

Importance Of Ration Card

The ration card holds immense significance in our nation as it serves as a form of identification. It offers numerous advantages to cardholders, with the primary benefit being access to essential food products at significantly discounted prices. In our country, there are often instances where impoverished individuals struggle to afford daily sustenance. However, the ration card acts as a lifeline, ensuring that all underprivileged citizens can lead a content and stable life without concerns about soaring food prices.

Assam Ration Card Types

There are six types of ration cards that are offered by the government. The list of these ration cards is as follows:-

Antyodaya Ration Card

The Antyodaya ration card is specifically designed for families who belong to the poorest segment of society and have an unstable income. ration card online check This category typically includes elderly individuals, women, unemployed individuals, and laborers. To be eligible for this ration card, applicants must have a per capita income of less than Rs 250 per month.

To obtain an Antyodaya ration card, applicants need to submit a duly attested application form, accompanied by two passport-size family photographs and a specified affidavit. ration card online check The attestation can be done by the municipal councilor or village sarpanch. Once approved, Antyodaya Ration Card holders are entitled to purchase 35 kg of rice at the subsidized rate of Rs 3 per kg.

BPL Ration Card

Families falling below the poverty line can avail themselves of a BPL Ration Card. BPL families are defined as those whose yearly income is less than Rs ₹27,000.

APL Ration Card

If you are a citizen who falls into the category of being above the poverty line, you have the opportunity to apply for an APL ration card. The APL ration card does not have any income limitations, meaning that anyone can apply for this card regardless of their income level.

Blue/Pink/Red Ration Card

Those families that belong to the above poverty line category are issued with these ration cards. There are certain special subsidies that are provided to these cardholders like the cardholders can take kerosene from ration shops at subsidized rates. Those families who do not have gas or LPG connection can apply for this ration card.

Orange Ration Card

Orange ration cards are also provided to those families who live above the poverty line criteria. The income criteria to get an Orange ration card is different for different states

Yellow Ration Card

The Yellow ration card is given to citizens falling under the below-poverty-line category. Each state has its own annual income criteria for obtaining a Yellow ration card, based on the poverty line definition.

Eligibility Criteria for Assam Ration Card List

Eligibility for Ration Card Application in Assam

To obtain a ration card in Assam, certain criteria must be met. The following individuals are eligible to apply:

  • Individuals without a ration card: If you do not possess a ration card, you are eligible to apply for one.
  • Women in the family: Women belonging to the family can also apply for a ration card.
  • Assam state residency: Applicants must be residents of Assam state to be eligible for a ration card.
  • Indian citizenship: It is essential that the applicant is a citizen of India.
  • Annual income requirement: The annual income of the resident must be below INR 1 lakh.

Assam Ration Card List Important Documents

The following documents are required while applying for the Assam Ration Card:-

  • Proof of no Ration card from the village Head/Gaon panchayat president/ward Commissioner/Inspector, FCS&CA /Concerned Authority.
  • Copies of Birth Certificate
  • Voter List Copy
  • Income Certificate
  • BPL Certificate
  • Tax pay receipt of Land Revenue
  • Residential Proof
  • Pan Card
  • Driving License
  • BPL Family SI. No

Application Procedure of Assam Ration Card

To obtain an Assam ration card, simply visit the closest ration shop or the nearest government office of the public distribution system to your residence. Approach the counter and request an application form. Complete the form and attach the required documents as stated earlier. Within 15 days, the ration card will be conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

Procedure to Check Assam Ration Card List 2023

To check the beneficiary list of the Assam ration card, you need to follow the steps given below:-

  • First, click on the Official Website link given here.
  • Now After that Choose Your
    • District Name
    • Tehsil Name
    • Village Name
  • Now Unique RC ID Code, Applicant Name, Father/Spouse Name, Type of Ration Card will appear on your screen.

Assam Ration Card List District Wise


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Assam Ration Card List

FAQ Questions Related Assam Ration Card List

✔️ How to apply ration card in Assam 2023?

You can Apply Online Assam Ration Card 2023 @ and then start getting Ration from nearest stores. If you want to check your name then you can go to Village Wise Ration Card List 2023.

✔️ How can I check my family ration card online in Assam?

State Food Department Website State Food Directorate Website State PDS Transparency Portal Ration Card Management System

✔️ What is BPL card in Assam?

 A BPL (Below Poverty Line) card in Assam is a government-issued document that certifies the eligibility of individuals or households to avail of various social welfare schemes and subsidies. It is designed to assist economically vulnerable families in accessing essential resources and benefits.

✔️ Is Aadhaar card mandatory for ration card in Assam?

Hello Aditya, As per your query i would like to tell you,Adhar card is not mandatory for Assam students. Aspirants of J&K, Assam & Meghalaya need to fill the passport number, bank account number, ration card number or any other valid Government Identity Number.

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