Assam Orunodoi Scheme 2023: Application Form, Orunodoi

Orunodoi Scheme Apply Online During an event held on December 14, 2022, in New Delhi, the Chief Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma, unveiled Orunodoi 2.0 through a video link. orunodoi list Orunodoi 2.0 is one of the largest Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) programs in the country, aimed at providing a minimum monthly income to economically disadvantaged women, elderly men, persons with disabilities, and those who identify as the third gender. assam According to Sarma, 10.54 lakh new beneficiaries have been included in Orunodoi 2.0. orunodoi apply last date More than 27 lakh participants in the program are guaranteed a monthly transfer of Rs 1,250, credited to their bank accounts on the tenth of every month for the purchase of sugar, pulses, and medicine. The program has multiple benefits, including increased nutritional support, financial literacy, and economic empowerment.

Assam Orunodoi Scheme

About Orunodoi Scheme 2023


The Assam government introduced the Assam Orunodoi Scheme on December 1st, 2020. The scheme aims to provide beneficiaries with Rs 830 per month to purchase essential items such as medicine, pulses, sugar, and fruits. Specifically, Rs 400 will be allocated for medicines, Rs 200 for 4 kilograms of pulses, Rs 80 for sugar, and Rs 150 for fruits. 2023 The scheme employs the direct benefit transfer method, transferring the amount directly to the bank accounts of beneficiaries. The government of Assam will spend Rs 2400 crore annually for the implementation of the Orunodoi Scheme.

CM Launched Assam Orunodoi 2.0

The upgraded version of the poverty alleviation program will add over 10 lakh more participants and cost the state exchequer approximately Rs 4,000 crore. orunodoi list Orunodoi, meaning “the rising sun” in Assamese, was initially introduced in 2020 to target economically underprivileged women, benefiting over 17 lakh people. By February 28th, all application forms will have been collected and uploaded to the designated portal. 2023 With the approval of the neighborhood DC and the district’s guardian minister, aged men residing in old-age homes may also be eligible for inclusion in Orunodoi 2.0. Each DC will receive a specific fund to disburse the required funds for these recipients.

Additional Rs 250 to Orunodoi Beneficiaries

Starting in October, beneficiaries of the “Orunodoi” scheme will receive a fixed additional amount. To assist economically disadvantaged families in paying their monthly electricity bills, the government will provide an extra Rs 250.

Assam Orunodoi Scheme Latest Updates

  • Around 20 lakh families, who are beneficiaries of the state government’s flagship program “Orunodoi,” will receive an additional predetermined amount.
  • Currently, the beneficiaries receive a monthly financial aid of Rs 1,000 from the government.
  • Starting in October, they will receive Rs 1,250 every month, which includes an extra Rs 250 to cover their electricity expenses.
  • The government has chosen to provide the additional amount to beneficiaries instead of directly paying it to the electricity company, as it aims to instill a sense of responsibility in people to make the payment themselves.
  • 2023 The beneficiary list for the program will be updated in the following two months, with student volunteers visiting households until September 20 to revise the list.
  • The district committees will finalize the list by October 10, and the updated list is expected to include six lakh more eligible families.
  • orunodoi list Families who no longer qualify as beneficiaries of “Orunodoi” due to an improvement in their financial situation are urged to voluntarily discontinue using the program.
  • So far, 459 families have opted out of the program, and the process to leave it can be done both online and offline.

Objective Of Assam Orunodoi Scheme

The Assam Orunodoi scheme aims to provide various services to the residents of Assam state with the objective of helping them lead a financially stable and content 2023 The scheme is designed to provide different types of benefits to the beneficiaries, with a focus on supporting low-income families who face financial difficulties in the state. orunodoi list Assam, being a small state, has a significant population struggling with financial crises, and the scheme intends to address these issues and alleviate the financial burden on poor households.

key Highlights of Assam Orunodoi Scheme 2023

🔥 Name of Scheme 🔥 Assam Orunodoi Scheme
🔥 Launched On 🔥 2nd October 2020
🔥 Amount 🔥 Rs 830/-
🔥 Launched By 🔥 Government of Assam
🔥 Category 🔥 Government Schemes
🔥 Implemented By 🔥 Finance Department of Assam
🔥 Beneficiary 🔥 Women
🔥 Objective 🔥 To provide financial help to poor people
🔥 Official Website 🔥
🔥 Application Mode 🔥 Offline

Beneficiary Under Assam Orunodoi Scheme

  • The Assam Orunodoi scheme, launched by Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal during a function in Amingaon, Kamrup district, will cover around 22 lakh beneficiaries.
  • The scheme aims to empower women by providing benefits to the female members of families.
  • Priority will be given to families with widows, 2023 differently-abled individuals, and unmarried girls.
  • The government also plans to include an additional eight lakh families in the scheme.
  • Of the 22 lakh beneficiaries, the government will transfer funds to 18.60 lakh families across 29 districts.
  • orthodox list Beneficiaries in Bodoland Territorial Area Districts (Kokrajhar, Chirang, Baksa, and Udalguri) will receive benefits after the BTC elections.
  • The transferred amount will be credited to the beneficiaries’ bank accounts from November 1 to December 1, 2020. The benefit amount for December will be transferred to all beneficiaries’ accounts on December 26, 2020.

Assam Orunodoi Scheme Subsidy Amount

The beneficiaries will also be liable for the following subsidy amount on the different types of essential goods that they will buy from the shops:-

Item Amount
Procure Medicines 400 rupees
50% subsidy for 4 kg of pulses 200 rupees
50% subsidy for 4 kg of sugar 80 rupees
Fruits and vegetable 150 rupees
Total amount 830 rupees

Benefits Of the Orunodoi Scheme

The direct bank transfer method will be used to transfer the amount to the women beneficiaries under this scheme, for a period of five years. Priority will be given to women who are disabled, widows, divorced, unmarried, separated, or handicapped. The scheme offers various benefits, including:

  • An allocation of 2800 crore rupees, to provide 10 thousand rupees annually through DBT to 27 lakh financially disadvantaged families.
  • Government support of Rs. 830 per month, will add up to an additional income of Rs. 10,000 per year for poor households.
  • Pilot foundation improvement projects for 200-grade schools will receive 25 lakh rupees each.
  • orthodox list Free sanitary napkins will be provided to girls in sixth to twelfth grade in government and government-aided schools.
  • The Assam government has also launched the Sarba Brihat DBT Scheme on August 17, with beneficiary selection starting at the district-level committee.

To ensure proper utilization of the scheme by the family, only women will be the beneficiaries.

Eligible Beneficiaries

According to the official statement of the authorities, the Assam Orunodoi scheme assam will prioritize the following individuals and families:

  • Families with widows
  • Unmarried women
  • Families with a member who has a disability (divyang)
  • Families with a divorced woman
  • Poor families who do not have ration cards for free rice
  • Poor families with National Food Security Scheme (NFSS) cards
  • Families who own two or three-wheelers, and tractors under self-help groups

Priority Beneficiary Of Assam Orunodoi Scheme

  • Households with widows, divorced, unmarried, separated females, and specially-abled members will be given priority under the scheme.
  • orunodoi list Poor households, regardless of their inclusion in the National Food Security Act (NFSA), will also be eligible for the scheme.

Not Eligible Beneficiary

The following individuals or families will not be eligible assam for the Orunodoi scheme:

  • 2023 Families with a member working for the government or PSUs.
  • Families owning 15 Bighas of land, a four-wheeler, a refrigerator, with an income exceeding Rs. 2 lakh or owning a tractor.
  • Families owning a washing machine or an AC.
  • Households with no female members.
  • Former and current Members of Parliament/Members of Legislative Assembly.
  • Employees of the government.
  • Doctors, engineers, lawyers, CAs, architects, and income taxpayers.

Assam Orunodoi Scheme Selection Procedure

The following steps will be taken to select beneficiaries under orunodoi list the Assam Orunodoi scheme:

  • The district-level monitoring committee will finalize the list of beneficiaries based on the scheme’s guidelines.
  • The preliminary selection will be done at the village council development committee/gaun Panchayat/urban local body level.
  • The village council development committee/gaun Panchayat/urban local body will prepare an undertaking cum checklist based on eligibility/ineligibility conditions, which will be attached to Annexure.
  • This checklist will be compiled LAC-wise by the member secretary, DLMC, and put up at the district-level monitoring committee for prioritization/selection.
  • orunodoi list The district-level committee will prioritize the list of applicants and ensure that a detailed application form is filled out for beneficiaries through the form bank to collect their details and other information.
  • 2023 The approved final list will be uploaded and the details of beneficiaries will be validated.
  • If there are any discrepancies in the details, they will be addressed.
  • After all required processes are completed, the finance department will transfer the amount into the beneficiaries’ accounts through the PMFS method.
  • The list of beneficiaries will be reviewed every year, and inclusions/exclusions will be made as needed.
  • The finance department will maintain all data related to beneficiaries in a database.
  • It should be noted that if an applicant receives benefits under this scheme despite being ineligible, they will be liable to refund the amount received.

Implementation Structure Of Assam Orunodoi Scheme

The implementation and monitoring of the Assam Orunodoi scheme will be carried out by various departments and committees as follows:

  • The finance department of the government of Assam will oversee the implementation of the scheme.
  • assam The commissioner and secretary of the finance department will supervise the scheme’s implementation.
  • The finance department will act as the nodal agency for the implementation of the scheme at the state level.
  • At the district level, the implementation strategy of the scheme will be supervised by the deputy commissioner.
  • A district-level monitoring committee will be formed to ensure the proper implementation of the scheme in each district.
  • To assist applicants in each district, the government will appoint Orunodoi Sahayaks at a fixed pay of Rs. 15,000 per month for two months.
  • The district-level monitoring committee, chaired by the DC, will be responsible for determining the eligibility of Orunodoi Sahayaks and appointing them after scrutinizing the applications.

Priority Beneficiaries under Assam Orunodoi Scheme

  • Differently-abled individuals
  • Separated family members
  • Unmarried females Divorced
  • females Widowed females

Application To How To Procedure Of Orunodoi Scheme

To be considered for the Assam Orunodoi scheme, it is important that the applicant is familiar with the application criteria and submits their application before the registration deadline. assam Here are the steps to apply for the scheme:

  • Go to the official website of the Assam Orunodoi 2023 Assam Orunodoi Scheme
  • Find and click on the “Application Form PDF” option on the homepage.
  • 2023 Assam Orunodoi Scheme
  • Download the application form and fill it out with all the necessary details.
  • Attach the required documents to the application form.
  • Submit the completed application form along with the necessary documents to the relevant department.

View Orunodoi Scheme Application Status

To check the status of your application under 2023 the Assam Orunodoi Scheme, assam follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of the Assam Orunodoi Scheme.
  • The homepage will open before you.
  • Click on the “Beneficiary Status” 2023 Assam Orunodoi Scheme
  • A list of districts will appear on the next page. Select your district from the list.
  • On the new page, enter your name or beneficiary number.
  • Click on the “Search” button.
  • The status of your application will appear on your computer screen.

Login On The Portal

To access the Assam Orunodoi Scheme portal, 2023 follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the official website of the Assam Orunodoi Scheme.
  • The homepage of the website will appear before you.
  • Under the beneficiary section, select your user type.
  • Enter your username or registered mobile number, password, and the capture code.
  • Click on the login button.
  • You will now assam be logged in to the portal.

Contact Details

In this article, we have shared all the essential details about the Assam Orunodoi Scheme. assam However, if you encounter any issues or have further queries, you can reach out to the technical support team by sending an email to [email protected].


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Assam Orunodoi Scheme 2023

FAQ Questions Related Assam Orunodoi Scheme 2023

✔️ What is Orunodoi 2023 from Assam?

The Scheme has reserved a budget of 2800 crore rupees, with the aim of providing 10 thousand rupees annually to 27 lakh underprivileged families through DBT. The government’s financial assistance of Rs. 830 per month translates to an extra income of Rs. 10,000 per year for these impoverished households.

✔️ Can I apply Arunodoi Scheme online?

According to the official guidelines of the Orunodoi Scheme, having a personal bank account is a requirement for the applicants. assam This scheme is specifically designed by the Assam government to provide financial support to women from low-income groups of society.

✔️ What is the last date of Arunodoi Scheme?

The finalization of the list of beneficiaries will be carried out district-wise from January 1st to 15th, 2023. The selected beneficiaries will receive application forms on January 20th, 2023, and they are required to submit the completed forms to the relevant offices by February 20th, 2023.

✔️ When did Arunodoi 2.0 launch?

The Assam government launched the ‘Orunodoi’ or ‘Arunodoi’ Scheme on October 2, 2020, to provide monetary benefits to over 24 lakh low-income households in the state

✔️ How do I apply for Orunodoi 2.0 online?

To register for the scheme, click on the “Registration” button in the menu and provide your personal information including your name, address, and mobile number. Once you have entered your personal information, upload your photo.

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