IGNOU Assignment Status 2023 Marks, Grade Card, Practical Submission

Suppose the portal displays the ignou assignment result in IGNOU Assignment Status 2023 Not Updated. In that case, it is recommended that you log in to the Student Section to confirm whether your assignment has been submitted correctly. It is also advisable to check the IGNOU Practical Submission 2023 Section for any relevant information. Moreover, applicants can refer to the IGNOU Grade Card Status 2023 available here to view their grades.

IGNOU Assignment Status 2023

IGNOU Assignment Status 2023


As we all know, the deadline for submitting assignments has passed, and all candidates have successfully submitted their practicals and assignments. The next eagerly anticipated step is the release of the IGNOU Assignment Status 2023, which will indicate whether the submissions have been accepted. Upon approval of the assignment, 50 marks will be added to your Grade Card, making you eligible to appear for the Term End Examinations.

The July 2023 TEE Exams are currently taking place, and it’s important for all candidates who have taken these exams to complete their assignments. It may take some time for IGNOU to check the assignments, and once done, the status will be updated in your student section. You can also review your assignment in the Student Login Section to ensure everything is correct to detect any mistakes. Assignment Status 2023 July Session

  • The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) conducts Term End Examinations (TEE) for various Program Codes, and all registered students participate in these exams to progress further in their studies ignou assignment results.
  • The TEE for July 2023 is underway, and students are approaching it with full preparation.
  • The IGNOU Assignment Submission concluded on 15th May 2023, and the university is now evaluating the assignments.
  • The Status 2023 for the July Session will be available soon on the official website.
  • Upon approval by the Board authorities, the marks obtained in the assignments will be added to your IGNOU Grade Card 2023.
  • As the IGNOU June Exam is imminent, all students must submit their assignments before the last date.
  • With the release of the IGNOU Result 2023,ignou assignment marks, it is advised to check the information provided here and verify the assignment status accordingly.

Key Highlights Of IGNOU Assignment Status 2023

📝 Exam IGNOU Term End Exam July Session 2023
🏛️ University Indira Gandhi National Open University
📘 Courses All Courses
📥 IGNOU Assignment Submission 2023 Start Date April 2023
📆 Last Date 15th May 2023
🖥️ Mode of Submission Online
👨‍🎓 How to Upload In the Student Login Section
🎯 Marks Allotted for Assignment 50 Marks
💻 IGNOU Portal or

IGNOU Assignment Submission 2023 Dates

Please be informed that the submission deadline for IGNOU Assignments for the July Session in 2023 has passed. The deadline was on May 15, 2023. Any submissions made after this date will not be accepted by Once the assignments are verified and approved, they will receive a “Completed” status in the IGNOU Assignment Status check option, and the corresponding marks will be added to the Grade Cards. If the status is “Incomplete,” the assignment has not yet been approved or verified.

If the status is “Not updated,” kindly refer to the points discussed in the section below for further information.

For those who have submitted their assignments and appeared for the February 2023 exams, it is advisable to check the IGNOU Result and Grade Card. These documents will include your Assignment Marks and Theory Marks.

📢 Announcement The deadline for IGNOU Assignments submission for the July 2023 session was on May 15, 2023. Late submissions will not be entertained on
📝 Assignment Verification Status Completed The assignment has been verified and approved, with corresponding marks added to Grade Cards.
  Incomplete The assignment has not yet been approved or verified.
  Not Updated Refer to the further information provided below.
📚 IGNOU Result and Grade Card Those who appeared for the February 2023 exams should check their IGNOU Result and Grade Card, including their Assignment Marks and Theory Marks.

IGNOU Project Submission Status 2023 January Session

Students pursuing a Master’s or PG degree from IGNOU must submit their projects. Those who have already submitted their projects can check the January session’s IGNOU Project Submission Status 2023. They can access their ignou. ac. Grades using their Enrollment Number and Programme Code for the ignou assignment result.

In the following months, students must submit their assignments for the July session before the respective last dates. For information on the Assignment Submission Dates for various sessions, please refer to the IGNOU Assignment table below.

IGNOU Assignment Submission Date 2023

📅 Event January 2023 Session July 2023 Session
📚 IGNOU Assignment Submission Date for UG Courses September 2023 March 2024
🎓 IGNOU Assignment Submission for PG Courses September 2023 March 2024
📝 IGNOU TEE Exams December 2023 August 2024
📊 IGNOU Result Date January 2023 September 2024 Assignment Status 2023 July Session

  • Like the procedure in the January 2023 Session, students are again required to submit their assignments for the July 2023 Session.
  • The deadline for assignment submission on the platform is March 2024.
  • After completing the necessary preparations, students must access the official website to obtain and upload their assignments.
  • Once the assignments are submitted, students can conveniently check the status of their July 2023 Session assignments by visiting the the Assignment Status portal.
  • By providing their Enrollment Number and Programme Code, they can view the assignment status for the July Session.

IGNOU Assignment Status 2023 Not Updated

  • We have received reports from some students stating that their Assignment Status for IGNOU 2023 has not been updated for an extended period.
  • If you are facing a similar situation and your assignment status is not showing as updated, it is advisable to review your submitted assignment.
  • To do this, log in to the Student Login Section and carefully examine your submitted assignment to ensure its accuracy and completeness.
  • Please note that the checking process for assignments by IGNOU may take approximately 10-15 days. Students must be patient during this period and allow ample time to evaluate their submissions.
  • Once the Board of IGNOU accepts and approves your assignment, your status will be displayed as “completed.”
  • Therefore, kindly wait for the official confirmation, and if there are any issues or delays, you may contact the university for further assistance.

IGNOU Grade Card Status 2023

Upon the conclusion of exams, Indira Gandhi University provides a Grade Card to each applicant. To check your IGNOU Grade Card Status for the year 2023, you can do so online, and once approved, your assignment marks will be included in it.

For each subject, the assignment submission carries a weightage of 50 marks, which will be awarded once IGNOU accepts your assignment. You can find information about Grade Cards in your Login Section on the IGNOU Web Services Portal.

If your assignment submission is not approved within 10-15 days, contacting the IGNOU authorities for further assistance and clarification is recommended.

At Indira Gandhi National Open University, students can submit their Practical and Assignments online before the specified deadline. If all students successfully submit their Practical before 15 May 2023, they can verify their IGNOU Practical Submission 2023 on the official website.

Upon approval, the Practical Submission will carry 50 marks for the respective subject, which will be reflected in the Grade Card. To check the status of your submission, you can visit and verify whether it has been approved.

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